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Coffee & Nosh



We bring the fun!

We create shareable, unique, and fun food and drink experiences and bring them to your favorite events so you never have to worry about being without quality coffee and fresh food again!

Our coffee is sourced from local roasters who take care to build relationships with coffee farmers around the world.  We love to talk about our coffee....make sure to ask!


Check our Events Page for our Location.

Aside from special events, our regular schedule is:

Wednesdays:  Sioux City Farmers Market (May-October)

Thursdays: Peters Park, Morningside, Sioux City (April-Nov)

Fridays:  Food Truck Fridays, Downtown, Sioux City (June-Aug)

Saturdays:  Sioux City Farmers Market (May-October)

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Our Story

It's what's on the inside that counts

The vision for a coffee truck began with the inspiration to help kids in a rural Iowa community learn more about entrepreneurship.  As Executive Director of a nonprofit, Stacy Orndorff helped launch Java Hub, Jr. that empowered 4 local youth to learn the business from menu creation to food truck layout to marketing, salesmanship, and beyond.  Stacy and her family volunteered their trailer and their time to oversee this project for 2 years.  After 2 years, the project had run its course and the Orndorffs along with the non-profit sought to sell the trailer and equipment with no success.  Stacy took this is as a sign to retain ownership of the trailer and begin her own for-profit food and coffee truck with her family.  The Orndorffs bought the equipment from the non-profit, remodeled the trailer, and formed Heartland Coffee & Nosh LLC.

With two teenagers of their own and plenty of high school and young adults wanting a summer job, Aaron and Stacy decided to purchase an additional (driveable) food truck to expand the business.  The Orndorffs continue their passion and resolve to employ youth in rural communities and teach kids about entrepreneurship, job skills, and leadership by giving kids a chance to work in the food truck.

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